We, at BondiBet Partners are always committed to our affiliates. We believe in maintaining transparency and providing affiliates with the best possible revenue through a rewarding commission structure.

Monthly FTD

0-10 New Customers: 25% of casino Net Revenue
11-40 New Customers: 30% of casino Net Revenue
41-100 New Customers: 35% of casino Net Revenue
101+ New Customers: 45% of casino Net Revenue

CPA Deals

Chat to your account manager regarding a possible CPA. We will always work out the best possible deal that will be suitable for both parties.
We understand the importance of getting a strong ROI for the traffic you deliver.

Sub Affiliates

Apart from the usual commissions, each time our affiliate brings in a sub-affiliate, they get rewarded. Every affiliate has a personal Sub affiliate link available in their account. So, the affiliate automatically gets rewarded through the tracking link when he gets a friend on board.